The story of Hiraya or Imagination written and directed by Jasmine Nazareno is a story of a girl played by Cy Largo who met Gio played by Mj Largo in an imaginary world in which it allowed the lead character to live happily and know herself better. They met in a story that is unreal and no one can understand both of them.

Imagination is the ability to picture things that are not real, and it is a form of image in our minds of something that we have not seen or experienced. Meaning to say it is a creative thinking that makes our senses wonder and imagine things to happen. Just like in contemporary world, Globalisation makes us imagine and set goals to achieve things. If we let our imagination materialize, we will not be on the same ground. As one of the most famous thinker, imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress giving birth to evolution, explains that imagination will help us grow and determine where to focus and act. Globalization can be in our hands if we have creative minds that will set goal to achieve and develop abilities that will make us productive. The first step to success is to fulfill first the obligation as human beings, then followed by being one to be a voice and influence for change.