video ethnography – Maglulukad

Com Elect 3 Video Ethnographies/ Culture-based documentaries

given the backdrop of global pandemics, natural/ manmade calamities and the fervent search for a cure, Communication Elective 3 or Cross-Cultural Communication is a continuation of an on-going dialogue on multi-, inter-, cross- and trans-disciplinal approaches in media, language and cultural studies. the BA Communication students has already taken-up Malayuning Komunikasyon as part of the new-generation General Education courses. Since MSC is offering the graduate diploma in cultural education at the graduate level, teacher-scholars are taking CulEd206: media-based cultural documentation during the second summer or level 2 of the program. Interestingly, most of the GDCE batch 2 teacher-scholars are former AB English students who also took up Cross-Cultural Communication. They were the last batch of undergraduate students who took up English 422 with the same content and the content since 2008 is video ethnography. With the advent of flexible learning modalities, although there were interruptions during the current semester, it was a chance to have a continuity instead of a disconnect. It started with retooling of Contemporary World and Malayuning Komunikasyon which the present batch of BA Communication has already taken during their freshie year. But since last August, there was a retooling of Culture-based Malayuning Komunikasyon, it was but imperative to integrate this to the newly revamped elective course. Then, samples of GDCE CulEd206 output was presented to be guided accordingly. In the end, a series of consultation about the intangible cultural heritage and the domain 5: traditional craftsmanship ensued. One topic is about the plight of a coconut worker in the town of Mogpog and its creative potentials. The exercise is to devote as much as detailed materials on both culture bearers and mode of transmission to the practice of tradition and heritage. Another topic is dedicated to the weaving tradition in the old town of Santa Cruz. Other topics includes ceramics and pottery in Torrijos along with native cuisine or delicacy in the Gasan and Buenavista area.


Dr. Randy T. Nobleza

1st Semester 2020-21

Marinduque State College