MSC Sentro ng Wika at Kulturang (SWK) Marindukanon
Marinduque State College (MSC) Marindukanon Cultural and Arts Studies Program x School of Liberal Arts (SLA) Center for Language, Indigenous Culture and Knowledge (CLICK) Marindukanon
Baybayin Narrative Report by Rizalyn Magno and John Earl Manlisis, MSC ABE 3B
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I have attended conferences before but only inside our campus, and that experience was very different than the one I had in Sta. Cruz. I can still recall the feeling of having our abstracts accepted for the event. I could not express the positive feeling I had back then. I felt special knowing that we are going to present papers along with other academicians throughout the Southern Tagalog region. I felt that this opportunity shall be one of the best achievements I’ll have in my College life.

In the conference, I have learned things that will never be taught to school, at least in our course. Things that are interesting enough to satisfy my cravings for knowledge. I’ve met inspiring persons during my three-day stay at Sta. Cruz especially in our room on which most of the male professors were our roommates. Besides the formal parallel sessions of the activity, I’ve noticed that the participants who were also our roommates are conducting their own personal parallel session in our dorm. We can’t help to eavesdrop on the knowledge they are sharing with each other on the other corner of our room. The unforgettable and meaningful part for me is when the sirs personally approach me from time to time and gives me inspirational private talk. As if they were acting like fathers to us and sharing how they did things, what brought them where they are now.

I got home not only with the knowledge and certificates, but also with the inspiration and motivation to participate in future conferences that I know will benefit not only me, but also the world’s pool of knowledge.

It was truly a privilege and an awesome experience to be one of the participants of the very first Baybayin Conference held in Tamayo, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque last October 12- 14. I’ve never thought of being a part of this academic event that made me meet different co-researchers, teachers, and students from all over the country. I’ve felt the manifestation of scholarly vibe that surrounds the whole area and the program as well.

Our paper was aligned with other parallel sessions held on the last day of the event. Because of that, we had the chance to listen and watch other presentors on various topics we had freely chose. My most awaited parts of the session are the presentations of the plenary speakers. But I learned, in equal manner, on all paper presentations I find interest in. These plenary speakers are the renowned personalities in fields they excel. I really have high regards and adoration on these Sirs. I have known new techniques, strategies, and theories that may help on future studies that I may produce. I found inspiration on pursuing a life and a way of a researcher in smallest efforts that I may spend in this area on the future career that I’ll be undertaking soon. Researches for the welfare of other people fuels my will to extend a hand on the progress of the country and the Filipino Nation. I feel one with the spirit of the researchers — the desire to educate the people on the tiniest detail of life.

I’ve left the place with a heart and soul full of new ideas, inspirations, and techniques on making a productive and affective research paper. I think I had paid few for all of the experience and benefits I got from this conference. This is one of a kind experience that’ll continue to inspire me and look forward to in my life.

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